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Monogram Engraving


Adding a symbol to one’s own drinking vessel is a tradition likely as old as humanity.

Your Wish—Our Engraving

Our drafters are happy to customise a monogram design based on your idea. Once finished, the design is taken to the Lobmeyr workshop in Vienna’s third district and transferred to the glass in ink and set with shellac. Now the engraving starts. Anywhere from five to eight different engraving wheels are needed to create the single letter of a classic monogram. As each design has different line widths and arc sizes, the wheels must be adapted to each unique case. 

The technique of copper wheel engraving makes it possible to decorate the glass with particularly beautiful three-dimensional letters and symbols. Monograms once had a rather dusty image, but today, our customers are once again very interested, whether for a christening, birthday, or anniversary gift, or as a delightful way to personalise fine glassware at home or mark a personal favourite piece. We often also develop other symbols together with our customers, such as animals, plants, or custom ornamentation. 

Finely Detailed Handicraft

To start, broad, straight lines are removed using a large diameter wheel with a flat edge. The wheel is applied at a slight angle for a sculptural, three-dimensional effect: The line is sharp and deep on one edge while fading out on the other. The wide diameter makes the wheel easier to guide when creating straight lines. The smaller the arcs and line widths of the monogram, the smaller and narrower the discs become—until, at the very end, the finest arcs are cut with a tiny, wafer-thin sheet-metal wheel. Finally, the monogram is brushed or polished to achieve the desired degree of shine or “colour”. A skilled engraver takes about an hour to create a single letter.