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The Knight

Marco Dessí, 2019


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    Fancy a candle-light lunch under clear blue sky?

    The Knight is a modular lighting system. Arranged like a sinus-curve alternating cone-shaped elements provide lighting upwards and downwards. Both circuits can be addressed individually.
    Beyond dimming, each element is fit with a dynamic white LED-element that can also adjust the colour temperature from 2000K candle light to 4000K daylight!


    The Knight can create a multitude of lighting scenarios making it not only the perfect tool for lighting designers but also the first smart chandelier of Lobmeyr!

    The Dark Knight, a black satin finish version in a flat in New York
    A Dark version of The Knight
    Detail of a long linear version in a dark nickel finish
    Detail of a linear version in a dark nickel finish

    The geometry of the individual element opens a wide world of different combinations. Besides linear and circular versions, The Knight comes in any possible shape or outline. By aligning more elements, one up, one down one can match the chandelier’s shape with any bar, table, sofa or other architectural feature to create unique ensembles.


    For Marco Dessí the craft behind the objects is an important inspiration for his work. Spending time with the artisans jolted inspiration and led to outstanding pieces such as the table lamp version in authentic hammer-stroke finish and a massive sterling silver plating.
    The clean lines of The Knight’s concept are a perfect playing ground for the skills of our artisans and the creativity of a designer to create ever-new variations of this versatile design.

    Marco Dessí with the first prototype at the LOBMEYR atelier
    Dessí with the first prototype
    Showing the inner values of our virtuous Knight
    The inner values of our virtuous Knight

    The LED-elements powering The Knight are custom-made by our long-time partner. They feature two sets of high-power LEDs, one in warm-white and one in a nearly daylight quality. These can be cross—dimmed to set any desired atmosphere. Upward and downward shining elements are wired on separate circuits and can be dimmed individually having an endless variety of lighting settings.


    Detail of This Knight's hammer stroke finish
    Detail of This Knight's hammer stroke finish