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Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin founded the Amsterdam-based Formafantasma studio in 2009

Italian friends and designers Andrea Trimarchi (*1983) and Simone Farresin (*1980) founded the Amsterdam-based Formafantasma studio in 2009 after completing their master’s in product design at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Only two years later, they were noted as important designers of the future by MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli and design critic Alice Rawsthorn. Material experimentation and research into the transformation of resources into goods are central themes of their work, allowing the designers to combine their research with the design industry.

Their clients include Fendi, Max Mara, Hermès, Droog, Nudus rug, Gallery Libby Sellers, Established & Sons, Flos, and J.&L. Lobmeyr.

Formafantasma’s pieces can be found in exhibitions and permanent collections at the most renowned design and art museums around the world.

The new GEO–Design master’s course at the Design Academy Eindhoven

After several teaching positions, Farresin and Trimarchi now head up the new GEO–Design master’s course at the Design Academy Eindhoven, focusing on the social, economic, geographic, and geopolitical forces that shape design today.


In 2014, Formafantasma and Lobmeyr joined forces for two different collaborations.

The STILL series was created based on the question: What is luxury today? The answer: No longer the glittering, heavy cut crystal vases of the past, but instead thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted objects … and clean drinking water. Two different patterns were designed for the crystal: a microscopic view of river bacteria and Haeckel-style skeletons of marine organisms made of silica—the main component of glass. STILL is a collection of fine glass and copper as well as a sophisticated experiment in the purification of water. STILL reminds us to appreciate and enjoy both craftsmanship and the most important resource on our planet: water.

Drinking Set No. 284, “Alphabet”,

Drinking Set No. 284, “Alphabet”, was designed the same year and plays with variety and a new way of setting the table: The set is comprised of six delicate wine goblets, six larger water beakers, and a lidded carafe. Each of the 12 glasses is engraved with a unique pattern, most with a reference to the Lobmeyr collection. The table is set by placing the slightly larger water glass over the wine glass, the one protecting the other. Part of the pattern is engraved on the wine glass, and the other on the water tumbler. A delicate golden line indicates how to position the cups to create the desired pattern. The result: small “miracle worlds” with fascinating three-dimensional effects.

PRODUCTS DESIGNED BY Studio Formafantasma