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Caring for Your Glassware


Each Lobmeyr glass is produced with great delicacy.

Hand wash if possible

Cleaning your Lobmeyr glasses by hand is far gentler than using the dishwasher and is highly recommended. Clean with a little dishsoap and warm water, then rinse carefully to remove any soapy residue. Take special care of the fine materials when drying, especially muslin glass. Never stuff the dishcloth into the bowl of the glass; although the glass is elastic, this can nevertheless cause breakage. Always dry the bowl and stem of stemmed glasses separately and avoid stressing the stem by putting counterdirectional pressure on the foot and bowl at the same time.

Because we want you to enjoy your pieces for a long time to come, we would like to share a few tips for their care. Cleaning high-quality glass is by no means time-consuming—however, it is advisable to follow a few simple guidelines.

Can you put Lobmeyr glasses in the dishwasher? Yes, but with caution.

Lobmeyr glasses are dishwasher-safe using the glass cycle. However, because glass contains very small amounts of water-soluble elements, we recommend using as little detergent and rinse aid as possible. This will prevent unsightly damage to the glasses’ surface. Please be sure to open the dishwasher door once the drying cycle is complete to let any remaining hot water escape as steam. Irreversible cloudiness can occur if water residue remains on the surface of the glass in this warm, humid environment.



It is not recommended to put glasses decorated with enamel paint in the dishwasher. Despite the very high glazing temperature of the paints (more than 500° C), they can fade when washed frequently in the dishwasher.