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Eva Petrič, 2023



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    TELEshadowPORTATION is the artistic manifestation of the play of light and shadow

    Emotions are like shadows: we all have them, whether we acknowledge them or not. In fact, we belong to a community of shadows, which accompany and accept each and every one of us – although we often do not notice them.

    Both shadows and emotions are ungraspable; appearing and disappearing, they often trick us. They are like the twists and turns in my shadow images, translated into Idrija lace, passing from black to white and negative to positive.

    TELEshadowPORTATION - Eva Petric Lantern Portrait LOBMEYR
    Eva Petrič with one of her lanterns
    Eva Petrič - Signature lace designs
    One of Eva Petrič's signature lace designs

    The starting point of this project is a series of historical lantern designs from the rich heritage of Lobmeyr. The authentic designs span a period of over 200 years of European cultural history showing the typical lantern designs of several epochs over the company’s history.

    Brass, Lead-free crystal
    various finishes
    Sandblasted or hand-engraved
    optionally painted



    42439-EP1-1: Ø: 25 cm, h: 45 cm; 3 kg; 1 bulb, max. W.: 60
    42439-EP2-1: Ø: 20 cm, h: 48 cm; 5 kg; 1 bulb, max. W.: 60
    4170-EP2-1: Ø: 33 cm, h: 50 cm; 4 kg; 1 bulb, max. W.: 60
    4196-EP2-1: Ø: 38 cm, h: 65 cm; 3 kg; 1 x E27, max. W.: 60


    The series of Vienna Design Week HQ 2023
    The series at Vienna Design Week HQ 2023
    Eva Petrič with one of her LOBMEYR lanterns and its shadow
    Eva Petrič with one of her LOBMEYR lanterns and its shadow

    “The span of my artistic practice, reaching from photography and video to installation and further on through performance to writing, may appear to be very broad. However, using various media seems indispensable to me. When moving from one cultural space to another, which has been “my way” since I can remember, I spontaneously reached for the media at hand to be able to communicate and be understood. My motivation behind the use of the media now is to create space: physical space, mental space, visible space inside space, imaginary space, metaphorical space, all defined by atmosphere. To me, atmosphere of spaces, the atmosphere, which a certain space is able to bring about, is the most essential.”

    The first prototype in Eva Petrič atelier
    The first prototype in Eva Petrič's atelier