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Ripple Light

Poetic Lab, 2013


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    Like sunshine on water on a calm day…

    The Ripple Light is not a lamp! Rather the opposite, it dwells in the shadows and plays with the little light it gives to create magical effects of light and shadow in a dark corner or a dimly lit room. Too much light would ruin the effect, which is why there is no matching chandelier.
    The best place to use it is along a plain wall to wash over it with its effect. An alternative option is to place it on one end of a room to throw its effect to the far side.
    In any way, it prefers a sombre atmosphere to fully show its enigmatic patterns.

    A Ripple LIght at Lightopticum, Kiew
    A pair of Ripples in a Viennese flat

    The Ripple Light is a set of two elements: The larger projection dome and the small lighting dome.
    The projection dome sits on a pedestal that varies with size: A tall base for the large version and a lower base for the medium size.
    The smaller lighting dome has the same size with both types. It is always the same.
    The bases is available in three standard finishes but we are happy to consult with for different finishes for custom options.


    Brass, free-blown crystal;
    French gold finish, dark antique or satin silver
    1x G4 low voltage bulb, max. 20 watt


    Ripple Light large

    42580-1: Ø: 35-40 cm, h: ca. 50 cm,
    base height: 13 cm


    Ripple Light medium
    42581-1: Ø: 30-35 cm, h: ca. 45 cm,
    base height: 8 cm


    Lighting dome (same for both sizes)
    Ø: 15 cm, h: 25
    1x G4 halogen, max.W.: 20

    Blowing of a Ripple dome
    An early hand sketch by poetic lab

    Poetic lab presented their prototypes at the Salone Satellite during Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2012 where Leonid Rath saw them and was instantly mesmerized by the effect their simple prototype showed. The effect is like sunrays reflection off a rippling surface of a pond or a calm stream.
    Lobmeyr brought in the knowledge in crystal and the expertise in metal working to transform a prototype into a best-selling product.


    A Ripple Light at a presentation of Emmanuelle Simon at Villa Noailles during Design Parade Toulon 2017