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Archive Light

BCXSY, 2023



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    Foraging the archives for treasures of centuries past


    BCXSY, Boaz Cohen (IL/NL) and Sayaka Yamamoto (JP) first worked with LOBMEYR upon invitation by Vienna Design Week in 2014 creating the J(oy) & L(ove) glass set.


    During a stay in Vienna the couple first delved into the living LOBMEYR archives of samples and stock parts from then nearly two centuries.

    This inspirational visit sparked an idea that matured nearly a decade. On occasion of LOBMEYR’s 200-year anniversary it then materialised to finally culminate in the Archive Light series premiering in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2024.

    BL1-BCXSY-Portrait-blurred LOBMEYR
    Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto with their Champagne Tall Archive Light
    The Met Archive Light in a flat in Vienna

    The Archive Light series is a celebration of the vibrant past of LOBMEYR with an eye to the future. Uncovering hidden treasures and beloved classics to put them in a new light.

    The Archive Lights are an eclectic compilation of precious crystal and chandelier parts displayed in a minimalistic nifty vitrine box. The brass frame shows an open design with incorporated lighting elements, resulting in a 3D-illustration like a museum-style specimen display.

    A handpicked selection of crystal chandelier parts is mounted on delicate brass structures within the structure, highlighting the uniqueness of each displayed piece in a shimmering light. An unusual perspective, spanning a bridge between the past, present, and future.

    The Archive Light collection consists of different lines, each highlighting a different aspect of LOBMEYR:

    One line of Archive Lights features BCXSY’s selections from LOBMEYR’s iconic stemware series such as compositions of champagne glasses.

    Another line presents parts from the archetypical chandelier designs like natural exhibits in a specimen display.

    A third line unearths from the archives rare originals and unique pieces of elaborate crystal, creating naturally exclusive pieces of art.

    A peek into the LOBMEYR Archives
    Composing the final layout for the Metropolitan Archive Light

    The corner pieces of the frames are precisely machined while the profile parts are skilfully polished and brushed by LOBMEYR’s artisans. Here combines modern technology intimately with the artisans’ tradition and the conveyed techniques of the traditional craft.

    From within the profiles, tiny spotlights illuminate the displayed precious crystals with a warm glow.
    The method of construction lends itself to customisation and bespoke versions. Each can include one of the existing compositions or be developed into an altogether new and unique variant of this magnificent line.

    Archive Light is available as a standing piece for a side table or console but can also be adapted for wall mounting. The Archive Light is also available as a chandelier. This version features additional lighting for more ambient light beyond just illuminating the crystal elements displayed.


    The Champagne Wide Archive Light in a flat in Vienna