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Trinkservice No.248
Stefan Sagmeister created a variation of the famed series by painting the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues on the bottoms of the Loos glasses.

Trinkservice No.248
In May 1931, as the designer Adolf Loos completed a set of drinking glasses, he sent a letter to Lobmeyr that asked to eventually replace his original geometric patterns with “butterflies, small animals, and the nude human form.” Today, the dream is finally realized. For the 80th anniversary of Loos legendary No. 248 bar set, designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh have expanded this concept to include illustrations of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues on the bottom of the glasses you see here. As you finish your glass of red wine, perhaps it will come as a little pleasant surprise to see the images reveal themselves at the bottom.
Can the pleasant surprise of a pair of beautiful breasts at the bottom of your glass start a discussion about Good and Evil at the dinner table? Cheers to that.


Trinkservice No.248
Stefan Sagmeister Interview with James Gaddy:

Q: Is this something that Lobmeyr is doing for the 80th anniversary of Adolf Loos' drinking set No. 248? Or is it totally independent? If so, can you elaborate for just a sentence or two about anything you found compelling about the brief as the company presented it?

A: Yes, of course, this is connected, as the anniversary was the reason Mr. Leonid Rath looked at the original documents again in the archive of Lobmeyr and found a number of Adolf Loos letters! And I had found it compelling as I had just admired the Adolf Loos glasses in the Lobmeyr store on Kaertnerstrasse in Vienna a couple of months earlier, and being able to play a part in designing them was a true little thrill.

Q: What is it about Lobmeyr that makes you interested in working with them? I saw their exhibition at Cooper-Hewitt last year and came away amazed at the level of detail and overall emphasis on quality. Just curious if you had anything to add to that.

A: I have always had a rather keen interest in craft, in fact the main reason we spent our working sabbatical in Indonesia was the incredibly craft oriented society populating Bali. Lobmeyr is part of the most wonderful Austrian craft tradition, practicing the very highest level of engraving, hand-painting and printing on glass anywhere in the world. It is simply delightful, also being Austrian myself, to be able to work with them.

Q: What was the concept behind creating photographic icons of the 7 Deadly Sins & 7 Heavenly Virtues? Were any of them especially difficult?

A: In his letter to Lobmeyr in May 1931, Adolf Loos requested to eventually replace the original geometric patterns with "butterflies, small animals and the nude human form" on the bottom of the glasses. We picked up on this concept and expanded it with the use of the Seven Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues which allowed us to incorporate illustrations and have the possibility to start a discussion about Good and Evil at the dinner table. This was good.

Q: What is it about these vices and virtues that makes them especially applicable for glassware?

A: See above.

Q: Why the bottom of the glass instead of the side?

A: For one, the glass shape with the heavy bottom lent itself wonderfully to display graphic icons, secondly Loos himself had intended the illustrations to be placed there and third, when you drink red wine, the images will emerge as a little surprise as you empty the glass. It is nice to be surprised by a pair of beautiful breasts.

Q: Which of the heavenly virtues do you find most difficult to fulfill?

A: Humility. But then I don't really care about humility as I'm rather fond of a number of loudmouth types.

Q: Which of the vices do you find most difficult to resist?

A: Easy: Lust

Q: Which of the vices do you think gets more attention than it deserves?

A: Again: Lust

Q: Which of the virtues do you think gets less attention than it should?

A: Kindness. The lovelies of all virtues.


Trinkservice No.248


Trinkservice No.248
Deadly Sins (black):
124801011 - gun - wrath/Zorn/Ira
124801012 - breasts - lust/Wollust/Luxuria
124801013 - table setting - gluttony/Völlerei/Gula
124801014 - bed - sloth/Faulheit/Acedia
124801016 - gold bars - greed/Geiz/Avaritia
124801016 - lion - pride/Hochmut/Superbia
124801017 - eye - envy/Neid/Invidia

Heavenly Virtues (white):
124801021 - clock - patience/Geduld/Patientia
124801022 - chastity belt - chastity/Keuschheit/Castitas
124801023 - measure pitcher - temperance/Mäßigung/Temperantia
124801024 - bees - dilegence/Fleiß/Industria
124801025 - hands - charity/Mildtätigkeit/Caritas
124801026 - mouse - humility/Demut/Humilitas
124801027 - heart - kindness/Wohlwollen/Humanitas




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