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Poetry happens
Präsentation der internationalen REICHTUM Serie in Milano/Lambrate

Poetry happens
At POETRY HAPPENS Mark Braun is showing the installation Fortune together with J. & L. Lobmeyr — a collaboration which was initiated by viennadesignweek in 2010. Fortune celebrates the value of the simple and the natural, like water or crafted things.
21 pieces of a specially designed glass carafe will be engraved with the image of a specific body of water of this world.


Poetry happens
Starting from the Lobmeyr tradition of personalising glass objects with engraving or decorating them with eloquent patterns or ‘paintings’, Mark Braun has realised this series with the emphasis on water on the one hand, and glass on the other.
Using three different processes of engraving, archetypical water carafes especially designed for this project have been deco rated with the outlines of lakes, rivers, and glaciers of this world. For Mark Braun the sum total of these makes up the symbol of the essential ‘fortune’ of everyday life. Graphic designer Anna Sartorius created postcards showing each lake, river and glacier with images from Google Earth and information comparing the area of water with the amount of time the engraving took.


Poetry happens
„Water is essential to life and the gold of the future - craft products for daily life in high quality creating culture, respect on products and identification. “
„I found this kind of bottle during a travel in San Francisco. I like the shape - its an archetype people feel familiar with even though it is new.“
„I appreciate the cooperation with Lobmeyr a lot - they are very open minded and open to share their special knowledge about glas. I feel very lucky about this opportunity and I think I tried to give something back in my special way of design thinking & making.“
(from a Mark Braun interview for VICO magazine/Shanghai, March 2011)


Poetry happens
The exhibition “poetry happens” displays authentic, archetypal projects prototypes objects or installations with a narrative design quality.” Poetry” as a headline gives every invited designer, architect or artist the freedom of his/her personal approach and interpretation of their work related to poetry. “Poetry” transferred into the designworld might be: The “poetry of making” by emphasizing the personality of the maker or the unique and individual strategy of the créateur behind an object. The “Poetry of collages” combines ready- mades or parts principles and mechanics from an existing daily productworld into a hybrid object with a new lifecycle including signs of usage which standard industrial production usually miss. The “poetry of proto- typing”: process models, mockups and regular prototypes generate the story and the evolution of creating - a narrative quality with often a bigger impact than the final product. The “poetry of materials and technol- ogy-experiments” is the engine behind the continous designevolution and as a result drives designhistory which would be blank and just a formal dicipline without the quantum leaps in materials and technologies. The “poetry of spaces and installations” expands the pure objects existance into space and environments which finally every object has to deal with. The “poetry of sustainability” starts at the moment when de- sign objects tend to achieve an archetypal longlasting quality with a maximal visuall continuity - classic pieces and long runner in the market won ́t absorb new ressources.




Adresse: “Overlite” Via Privata Oslavia 8, 20143 Milano-Lambrate

Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag 12. April – Sunday 17. April, 10:00 – 20:00

Press Preview: Monday 11. April, 15:00 – 20:00

Ventura Lambrate Opening Night: Mittwoch 13. April, 19:00 – 23:00


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